Goldilocks and the Three Bears Review | Birmingham Hippodrome

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Review | Birmingham Hippodrome


‘A Spectacle of a Pantomime, filled with humour and pure magic!’

Panto is back with a bang at the Birmingham Hippodrome! Matt Slack and Jason Donovan star in the spectacle of a pantomime that is Goldilocks and the Three Bears! From plenty of one-liners to death-defying stunts, this is much more than your traditional panto – and it is not to be missed! 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is on at the Birmingham Hippodrome until 30th January 2022. Click HERE to book now!

Matt Slack returns as a Birmingham Hippodrome panto favourite, and he is on-form more than ever. Slack is the vital backbone of the show and keeps the panto’s pacing just right. Slack’s comic energy is infectious and admirable. His quick wit and comic timing are impeccable, bringing plenty of laughs throughout. Slack, who is also a co-writer, throws himself completely into the role of Ringo.

Jason Donovan excels in his panto debut, playing the evil circus owner, Count Ramsay of Erinsborough. He nails the evil laugh and traits of a villain. The Count hates animals and soon develops a strong desire to capture 3 Brummie Bears for his Nightmare Circus. Donovan playfully brings the perfect balance of humour and villainy to this role – his performance can’t be faulted. Donovan even sings “Too Many Broken Hearts” in a re-arranged and evil fashion. 

A stand-out element of this show is the on-stage chemistry between Donovan and Slack, which has an enormous presence. There are plenty of Neighbours and Jason-Kylie jokes to be enjoyed, Slack even dresses up as Kylie in a hilarious scene. 

Andrew Ryan also returns to the Hippodrome as Dame Betty Barnum, the circus owner keep her circus running smoothly and in a kinder manner than Count Ramsay’s. Ryan enjoys a lot of stage time, and becomes a central figure in the show, building a strong rapport with the audience. Betty Barnum’s numerous costumes are ridiculously out-of-this-world and have to be commended.

Doreen Tipton plays the Lazy Lion Tamer, providing Black Country satire. Tipton gets plenty of moments to shine, and jokes the locals would appreciate. Goldilocks is played by Samantha Dorrance who has great charisma and strong vocals but feels underused. Alexia McIntosh plays Candy Floss who becomes a great supporting character that also opens the show along with the talented ensemble.

In addition to your traditional panto, Goldilocks leaves you in awe of multiple circus acts. From Pierre Marchand juggling diabolos to Peter Pavlov’s stunt motorcycling around a dome, to the Gemini Sisters and Phil Hitchcock with mind-blowing magic tricks. The costumes are immaculately designed, full of colour, sparkle and definitely 100% panto. The show has an outstanding set by Ian Westbrook, and also unbelievable special effects by The Twins FX. With a giant gorilla and an impressive elephant that stretches its way into the audience – prepare to be amazed.

Directed by Michael Harrison and written by Alan McHugh and Matt Slack, Goldilocks makes use of a lively colour palette, topical gags, Special FX and an energetic cast to make it one of the greatest shows on earth. It’s a truly memorable panto experience that will leave you spell-bound. 

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears is at the Birmingham Hippodrome until 30th January 2022. 


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